Notice of Story Completion Countdown Event Released

Notice of Story Completion Countdown Event Released

To Begin:

We regret to inform you that NieR Re[in]carnation will be ending service with the conclusion of The People and the World.

The final chapter of The People and the World is planned to be released Mar. 28, 2024. The game will run for a month following the final chapter’s release until Apr. 29, 2024 22:00 PST when service will officially end.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our players for your patronage over the 2.5 years since we launched on July 28, 2021.

Until the end of service, we will continue to add content and characters, as well as hold various events and campaigns, so we hope you will continue to enjoy NieR Re[in]carnation until the end.

In-Game Content Updates

Main Story

NieR Re[in]carnation will conclude with The People and the World Act III: Transmigration.
Act III: Transmigration is scheduled to be released on Mar. 28 18:00 PST.

Record/Variation Event Quests

The schedule for the Record and Variation event quests that will be held after Jan. 22 18:00 PST is as follows.

Duration Event Quests
Jan. 30 18:00 – Feb. 17 17:59 PST Variation: Blazing Binding Oculus (New Event)
Feb. 8 18:00 – Feb. 25 17:59 PST Record: Garden of Benediction (Resurrected Event)
Feb. 17 18:00 – Apr. 29 21:59 PST Record: The Cage of Rebirth (New Event)
Feb. 22 18:00 – Mar. 10 17:59 PST Record: Foundation of Fortune (Resurrected Event)
Feb. 28 18:00 – Mar. 17 17:59 PST Record: Happy Home (Resurrected Event)
Mar. 7 18:00 – Apr. 29 21:59 PST Record: Eternal Steps (Resurrected Event)
Mar. 14 18:00 – Apr. 29 21:59 PST Record: Ritual of Reverie (Resurrected Event)

* Resurrected Record Event Quests will start in the same uncleared state for all players, regardless of whether previous runs of these events were cleared.
* For more information on exchanges and quests, please see the in-game notices as they are updated.

Countdown Resurrected Event Medal Exchange

From Feb. 8 18:00 PST, a Countdown Resurrected Event Medal Exchange will be added where you can exchange for characters, weapons, companions, and memoirs from past Record and Variation event quests.
Countdown Resurrected Event Medals can be obtained from all resurrected Record event quests starting from Feb. 8.

* See the Exchange in game for details on the items available.

Mama Point Missions

In order to make it easier to obtain Remnants, we are planning to hold a campaign where you can earn double the monthly Mama Points, starting in February.
We are also planning to hold a campaign that halves the number of Mama Points required to acquire any Remnant in the Mama Point Exchange.

* For details, please check the in-game notice that will be posted at a later date.

Adjustments to Reward Amount from Daily Missions

Due to the end of item sales in the Premium Shop, we will adjust the amount of Skip Tickets that can be obtained from daily missions starting Jan. 23 0:00 PST.

Mission Before After
Clear quests 5 times Skip Ticket x50 Skip Ticket x100

Recollections of Dusk Quests

Recollections of Dusk Quests for Argo (Frozen-Heart Adventurer) will be released as of Feb. 11 18:00 PST.
This will be the final update for Recollections of Dusk.


Season 008, which started Nov. 13 18:00 PST, will be the final season, and will be extended until Apr. 29 21:59.

Duration Season
Nov. 13 18:00 – Apr. 29 21:59 PST Season 008


The Arena will be open according to the following schedule.
Additionally, Arena Season 037, which will be held from Feb. 19 18:00, will be the final update.

Duration Season
Jan. 22 18:00 – Feb. 18 23:59 PST Season 036
Feb. 19 18:00 – Mar. 31 23:59 PST Season 037

Fate Boards

Fate Board: Ternary, released on Jan. 18 18:00 PST, will be the last stage added.
* After Feb. 1 18:00 PST, both Fate Board: Ternary and Fate Board: Shadow will be permanently available. For details, please check the notice that will be posted at a later date.

Library Stories

We plan to make all event stories and card stories available for reading on Mar. 28 18:00 PST so that players can enjoy as many stories as possible. (* Excluding crossover quest)

Story Completion Countdown Event

As a huge thank-you to all of you playing NieR Re[in]carnation, we will be holding a Story Completion Countdown Event from the release of Act II: The Return to the release of Act III: Transmigration.
During the Story Completion Countdown Event, four campaigns will be held.


Jan. 22 18:00 – Mar. 29 23:59 PST

Event Schedule

To express our gratitude for all the support we have received, we will be offering 10 free Summons per day with limited time character appearances and more. Weekly gem gifts will also be offered.

A different costume series will appear each week in the 10 free daily Summons held as part of this event. In addition, different items will be awarded weekly as part of the weekly missions.
* For further details, please refer to the in-game notice.
* Event duration and content are subject to change without notice.

The campaign during the Story Completion Countdown Event period

The People and the World New Chapter Campaign

Jan. 22 18:00 – Feb. 4 23:59 PST

Campaigns will be held to increase the drop rate by 10x for story quests and give the ★★★★ Premium Summon Ticket x3 as a gift.

Japanese 3rd Anniversary Countdown Campaign

Feb. 1 18:00 – Feb. 17 23:59 PST

We will be holding campaigns in which the drop rate for items obtainable from dungeon quests is increased by x10 and special missions with Verse of Truth x3 and Adamant x30 as the featured rewards.

Japanese 3rd Anniversary Campaign

Feb. 17 18:00 – Mar. 7 23:59 PST

A new record-breaking event exclusive to the 3rd Anniversary and Summons with new Festive costumes are scheduled to be implemented.
Mama’s Dream Summons will also be held, offering more luxurious rewards.

Final Chapter Countdown Campaign

Feb. 28 18:00 – Mar. 28 23:59 PST

Summons with new characters from the Abstract series will appear, and a campaign will be held to increase the drop rate of all items obtained from certain Dark Memories quests and Daily Quests by x10.
* Event duration and content are subject to change without notice.
* For more information on the campaign, please check notice that will be posted at a later date.