NieR Re[in]carnation
Opening Cinematic “This is Why I’m Here”
Opening Cinematic "So Begins the Journey of Reincarnation"




A girl awakens on a cold stone floor. She finds herself in an infinitely vast place filled with buildings that touch the very sky.

Guided by a mysterious creature who calls herself Mama, she begins to explore her new surroundings.

To reclaim what she has lost —and atone for her sins— she sets off on a journey through this place of unknown creation.

...A place known as The Cage.

A high school boy/girl finds him/herself in The Cage. Before them stands row upon row of towers made from stone and iron.

Lost, they meet mysterious creatures that offer to guide them. To get back to Tokyo, they must repair the sun/moon that hangs in the air.

Despite their unease, they have no choice but to press on. For each has a place they belong. And they would do anything to return there.



The Girl of Light

A Mind Sealed; Dreams of Another World

A girl who awakens on the cold stone floor of The Cage.
Though she is kind and has a bright personality,
she wears a collar and bandages for reasons unknown,
and is plagued each night by horrible dreams.


Thousands of Stories; Millions of Dreams

A mysterious creature who calls herself Mama.
She seems to know something about The Cage,
and acts as a guide for the girl.
There is a side of her that simply likes to do
as she pleases, so you'll sometimes find her
just enjoying the scenery or poking around.

The Dark

Hidden Words; Stray Dreams

A strange being that wanders The Cage.
It resembles a knight in armor, but also
a speechless insect. Regardless, it
seems to have some kind of objective...

The Wanderer

Unbendable Will; A Noble Vow

A boy who travels with a mechanical clockwork soldier.
Blessed with sharp wit and a tender heart, he holds a
precious vow close to his heart as he travels from one
land to the next. But his journey is fraught with peril,
and trouble always lurks one step ahead of him.

The Prosthetic

Cruel Hopes; Frozen Time

A hunter who lives in a nation of abundant nature.
A mechanical arm... A false leg... Shock-white hair...
The story of her startling appearance has been penned
in a language of deep enmity and unfathomable anger.

The Clockwork

A Mechanical Prayer; An Oath of Loyalty

An old model of a clockwork soldier discarded in a castle cellar.
Long has he sat in hollow silence, his functions suspended-
but a chance meeting with a young boy lights a spark
that finally ignites his dormant will.

The Assassin

Silent Indignation; A Flower in Bloom

The current head of a family of assassins that has served under
the lords of a powerful feudal clan for generations. Forged by a
lifetime of grueling training, her skill with the blade is fearsome,
and held in the highest esteem by her master.

The One Who

A Man's Sorrow; A Journey's End

An adventurer who has conquered many infamous mountains.
With little regard for the family who awaits his return,
he seeks out danger so he might dance
on the knife's edge between life and
death. On this day, in search of ever greater heights,
he challenges an icy peak that has never known the footfalls of man.

The Man
in White

Unheard Words; Indelible Memories

A taciturn soldier imprisoned in a facility with his wife,
where he is forced to risk all against monstrous foes.
When his son is taken from him by those same enemies,
he takes up his blade in the name of revenge.

The Woman
in White

A Family's Grief; An Unattainable Past

A caring soldier imprisoned in a facility with her husband,
where she is forced to risk all against monstrous foes.
Unspoiled by the cruel world around her, she manages to
hold onto her kind heart despite seeing her friends and
companions fall one by one around her.


A Single Story; Humorous Antics

Similar to Mama in shape, but also quite different.
Different personality, different thoughts—and just look
at that adorable little bag and hat! A sociable fellow,
he'll yammer on about just about anything—anything,
that is, except what he is the carrier of.

The Vengeful

Unending Rage; Vengeance's Blade

Traumatized by a wartime experience during his youth,
this boy's heart is shackled in anger and hate.
He joins the military in an attempt to quench
the fires of revenge that burn within his soul.

The Regretful

A Benevolent Prayer; A Coward's Pride

A young man who commands a military unit. Due to his
tendency to err on the side of extreme caution in battle,
his men often snidely refer to him as ""Captain Craven.""
Could there be some reason behind his cautious style?

The Girl Who
Was Sealed Away

A Fleeting Hope; A Clear Mission

A girl who awakens in a collapsed research facility.
With no knowledge of where—or who—she is,
she wanders the deserted building guided by
nothing but a strange voice in her mind.



Female Student

Broken Sun; Memories Worth Holding

A high school girl who has found herself in The Cage.
Well-regarded both in the classroom and socially,
she is now forced to navigate a strange and uneasy world
without her phone. She's currently searching
for a way to return to Tokyo and her beloved father.

Male Student

Broken Moon; Flowers Worth Saving

A high school boy who has found himself in The Cage.
Despite being transported to a strange new world,
he remains calm and collected,
with only the occasional sigh to betray his unease.
He's currently searching for a way to return to Tokyo
and his beloved mother.


A Magick Pledge; Hidden Thoughts

A girl with beautiful, blue-tinted silver hair
who studies the mystic arts at a school of magick.
Though bullish, she possesses a kind heart that forbids her
from turning a blind eye to the bullying happening in her midst.

Dark Mama

Path of the Moon; A Mother's Guidance

A creature draped in a black cloth who calls herself Mama.
Though cheerful and eager to assist you on your journey,
she has an unfortunate tendency to lose her way.
You'll never guess what she's got in that apron...


Path of the Sun; A Father's Guidance

A creature draped in a white cloth who calls himself Papa.
He is calm, kind, and a bit unreliable.
He claims it's his job to guide you through The Cage,
but he's always looking for chances to slack off.


A Cursed Pledge;Twisted Emotions

A werebeast lurks deep in a dusky wood.
Disgusted by its own visage,
it dons a white cloth to hide itself from the world.
Hoping to have its greatest wish granted,
the beast fulfills the wretched desires of a shadow
that inhabits an ancient mirror.

The Virtual

A Promise Remembered; A Gentle Melody

In a scientifically advanced nation,
a girl makes waves as a singer in an online world.
Gracious and amiable, she sings to bring a bit of cheer
to people suffering the horror of a never-ending war.


A Mission Unforgotten; A Fervent Eye

In a scientifically advanced nation,
the citizenry is ruled by an AI of their own creation.
Tasked with governing, there is no heinous act she would not
commit for the sake of her country.

Young Sailor

A False Departure;
The Irretrievable

In a nation of sand and sea,
a boy lives as he pleases. Confident and haughty,
he makes no attempt to conceal his desires.
Perhaps due to an experience of great loss as a child,
he hates nothing more than
when people try to take what is his.

Fortune Teller

A false prophecy;
The elusive

An elusive fortune teller who stalks the streets at night.
Clad in black garb, there are none who know her true identity.
What expression does her veil hide as she uses her
fortunes to toy with people's hearts?



*Images taken during development.





Producer Yosuke Saito

Creative Director Yoko Taro

Director Daichi Matsukawa

Main Character Design Akihiko Yoshida(CyDesignation, Inc.)

Concept Art Kazuma Koda

Music Keiichi Okabe(MONACA INC.)

Development Applibot, Inc.

Planning and Production SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.

Title :
NieR Re[in]carnation
price :
In-app microtransactions (free of charge for basic play)
Platform :
iOS / Android
Recommended environment :
iPhone 7 or later
Android 7 or later