Preregistration Promotion

100,000 users
150,000 users
200,000 users
250,000 users
300,000 users

* Gem and in-game item rewards will be distributed to all users at the start of the game.


Details and Notes

◊ About preregistration and this promotion:

- "Preregistered users" refers to the sum total of all followers on our official social media accounts, preorders on the App Store, and preregistrations on Google Play.

- The contents of the gifts made available through this promotion will change depending on the number of preregistered users at the conclusion of the preregistration period.

- A maximum of 3,000 gems will be distributed via this promotion, not the sum total of all individual goal rewards.

- Each user may only claim gems from this promotion once after the game launches.

- Gems from this promotion will be distributed to every user who logs in following the game's launch. Please refer to in-game notices for more information regarding how to claim them.

- Gems from this promotion cannot be transferred, resold, or exchanged for money.

- The preregistration period is planned to continue until noon (PST) of the day before the game's release. Note that this period may change or end without notice.

- For inquiries regarding this promotion, please contact with "About the preregistration promotion" as the subject. Note that we may not be able to respond to all inquiries. Please adjust your inbox settings to allow messages from in order to receive answers to your inquiries without issue.